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AbstractGlobalInputAnalyzer - Class in ever.pipeline
Abstract class for Analyzer which analyze the input, ether text or case frames of a set of cases
AbstractGlobalInputAnalyzer() - Constructor for class ever.pipeline.AbstractGlobalInputAnalyzer
AbstractGlobalWorkflowAnalyzer - Class in ever.pipeline
Abstract class for Analyzers which analyze the workflow structure of a set of cases
AbstractGlobalWorkflowAnalyzer() - Constructor for class ever.pipeline.AbstractGlobalWorkflowAnalyzer
AbstractLocalInputAnalyzer - Class in ever.pipeline
Abstract class for analyzers which process the input or case frame files one by one
AbstractLocalInputAnalyzer() - Constructor for class ever.pipeline.AbstractLocalInputAnalyzer
AbstractLocalWorkflowAnalyzer - Class in ever.pipeline
Abstract class for analyzer which process workflow structures one by one.
AbstractLocalWorkflowAnalyzer() - Constructor for class ever.pipeline.AbstractLocalWorkflowAnalyzer
addAnalyzer(Analyzer) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Pipeline
This methods just adds an analyzer to the pipeline list
addCaseFrame(String) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Sentence
Parse case frame string and create case frame object for further processing
addFacet(Facet) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Product
Add a new facet to a product.
addFacet(Facet) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.SimpleProduct
Adds a facet to the product
addFacet(Facet) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Task
Adds new facets to the task.
addInProduct(Product) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Task
addOption(Sequence) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.And
Adds new path to the and-node.
addOption(Option) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Xor
Add an option/path to xor
addOutProduct(Product) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Task
addProduct(Product) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Workflow
Is used to add an ingredient aka.
addRelSentence(Sentence) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.WorkflowElement
Add related sentence to workflow element to be able to track the origin of an element
addRelWfElement(WorkflowElement) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Sentence
Adds related Workflow Elements to the sentence.
addSegementInfo(String) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Sentence
parse segements of the sentence constructed by ./nlp -seg
addSentence(Sentence) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Case
Appends a sentence to the sentence list
addTaskRelatedFacet(SimpleFacet, int) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.SimpleProduct
Add a facet that is linked to a task,
addWfElement(WorkflowElement) - Method in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Sequence
Adds a workflow element at the end of the list.
addXmlString(String) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Case
Replaces the xml string of the input file
all - Variable in class ever.workflowRepresentation.Workflow
It contains the list of the resources of the resource list in the original process description.
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.CaseLoader
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.CaseLoader
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.CaseLoader
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalDirectObjectStartAnalyzer
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalDirectObjectStartAnalyzer
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.LocalDirectObjectStartAnalyzer
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalPrepTaskGenerator
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalPrepTaskGenerator
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.LocalPrepTaskGenerator
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalProductSplitter
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalProductSplitter
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.LocalProductSplitter
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalSequenceTaskDuplicateRemover
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.LocalSequenceTaskDuplicateRemover
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.LocalSequenceTaskDuplicateRemover
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.ProductXor
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.ProductXor
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.ProductXor
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.generic.VerbAtBeginning
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.generic.VerbAtBeginning
analyze() - Method in class ever.generic.VerbAtBeginning
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Analyzer
This method is mostly used for Local analyzers
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.pipeline.Analyzer
analyze() - Method in class ever.pipeline.Analyzer
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.IndirectArticleCleaner
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.IndirectArticleCleaner
analyze() - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.IndirectArticleCleaner
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalAndDetector
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalAndDetector
analyze() - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalAndDetector
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalPrepAndAtTheBeginning
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalPrepAndAtTheBeginning
analyze() - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalPrepAndAtTheBeginning
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalXorDetector
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalXorDetector
analyze() - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.LocalXorDetector
analyze(Case) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.ProductListExtractor
analyze(HashMap<Integer, Case>) - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.ProductListExtractor
analyze() - Method in class ever.simpleCooking.ProductListExtractor
Analyzer - Class in ever.pipeline
Analyzer() - Constructor for class ever.pipeline.Analyzer
And - Class in ever.workflowRepresentation
And(WorkflowElement, Sentence) - Constructor for class ever.workflowRepresentation.And
Standard constructor